“Life is nothing but a product of our own minds.”   – Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Today, in the 21st century; the life of human being has been even more complex. This complexity has added a series of disintegration in our outer and inner personality. Various physical ailments, psychological (mental and emotional) imbalance and disharmony, spiritual deficiency, social maladjustment etc. have been very common phenomenon in our life. We accumulate loads of stress, tension, anxiety, frustration, negative feelings as each day passes by. All of these aspects directly influence our lives in various dimensions. It has been very much important to attend to this upheaval to bring the life of human being in a normal level and even uplift above that point. In this context, an integrated approach to get relief from this disintegration is being felt imperative of which yoga is very much a part.

Yoga has been understood as a set of physical exercise. But it does not mean just making physical movements. It is an experiential science that deals with all aspects of our personality i.e. physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social etc. It means the development of the human personality in every aspect. When we think of practicing yoga, we mean attaining balance, harmony and equilibrium in all aspects of our personality and expression as well as improving the quality of our life.

There is an urge in every one of us to find happiness, tranquillity and harmony. We would like to attain physical comfort and psychological balance and avoid the tensions and conflicts of daily life. Many scientific investigations have been made into yoga, and we have seen that with the practice of asanas, pranayamas and other forms of yoga, we can attain this balance, harmony and tranquillity.

All the yogic practices are not for everybody. We have many limitations to go through all the practices. Most of us carry some sorts of problems whether physical, mental or emotional within ourselves. Therefore the needs of the aspirants must be well identified and then practices should be used in need – based approach so that every aspirant could get optimum benefit and satisfaction and feel changes as expected. For this purpose, a system called Psycho – yogic Approach (working with the body using the mind; somato-psychic; and working with the mind using the body; psycho-somatic; for the complete renewal of your entire being) has been introduced for your total health and happiness.

It is because the modern medical scientists have, now, claimed that 90% of all the problems are psycho – somatic in nature. The root cause lies in the deep in our psychic level. In this context, making use of psychological aspect during yogic practices is very much important. Therefore, in this approach we use both of the techniques: somato – psychic (body to mind) approach and psycho – somatic (mind to body) approach to create balance and harmony on both external and internal dimensions of our nature. It has various sets of practices for physical fitness, mental agility, emotional harmony, spiritual verve etc.

Through this approach we can develop the ability to strengthen and relax body parts and unburden the three-fold tension (body, mind and emotion) in any situation and under any condition. We can also develop the capacity to concentrate, to collect all our dissipated energies and focus them at one point. Then the combination of mental force and vital force becomes a very powerful tool in opening up the different dimensions of the human personality.

We are using this approach in various fields. And we have received very encouraging feed backs by the practitioners.