Asanas are known as body postures. According to yogic scripture there are 8.4 million postures. Today we have very condensed form of asanas. Different asanas have their targets in different body parts. This is one of the major contributions of Satyananda Yoga that they have been classified in various categories and all of the practices have undergone well experimentation and researches. There are three major groups of the practices. Every group has been classified in different sub groups. They are:

Beginners Group

  1. Pawanmuktasana series
    1. Part 1: Anti – rheumatic Group
    2. Part 2: Digestive/ Abdominal Group
    3. Part 3: Shakti Bandha Asanas
  2. Yoga Exercises for the Eyes
  3. Relaxation Asanas
  4. Meditation asanas
  5. Vajrasana Group of Asanas
  6. Standing Asanas
  7. Surya Namaskara
  8. Chandra Namaskara

Intermediate Group

  1. Padmasana Group of Asanas
  2. Backward Bending Asanas
  3. Forward Bending Asanas
  4. Spinal Twisting Asanas
  5. Inverted Asanas
  6. Balancing Asanas

(Every sub group has several asanas.)

Advanced Group

Before mastering the practices from beginners and intermediate groups, we do not recommend to the advanced group of asanas. It is most important to create sufficient flexibility with the muscles and joints to avoid over straining the body. The limbs and joints have to be moved into unusual position in which they are not habituated. Any force or extra effort may damage them. So depending upon the capacity of the aspirants, we suggest for the advanced level of practice.

(We pick up the asanas from various sub groups according to the need and interest of the aspirants).