These packages are either for an individual or a group. They have both theory and practice. They can be done either at our school or outside. Time periods vary according to the areas covered. Please contact for more information. Generally, the following areas are covered:


  • Yoga Therapy (for common and chronic diseases)
  • Antenatal/ Post natal
  • Yoga for Stress Management
  • Yoga for Children
  • Yoga for Teachers
  • Yoga for Elderly people
  • Yoga for Medical Practitioners and Students
  • Yoga for Executives


We have precisely developed syllabus on each topic mentioned above.

(Please note that the number of hours and sessions mentioned above in each package is flexible. You may cover them either in consecutive days with even more hours or with gaps, depending upon your interest and convenience).

For any one of the packages mentioned above, it is not essential to have any prior knowledge and experience of yoga. We guide you from the beginner level to intermediate and finally advanced level. Please click practices for more information.

Please contact for more information….